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The Repair Process

1. Obtain a Quote

Col Wilkie quote staff are available between 7.30 a.m and 4.30 p.m. Monday to Friday to complete a quote for the repairs on your vehicle. You do not need to make an appointment. If you have things to do, we can email or fax a copy of the quote to you or your insurance company.

Alternatively, you can apply for a quote online by supplying Col Wilkie with images and details of your vehicle.

2. Lodge a Claim with Your Insurer

This process can be varied and is dependent on your chosen insurance company.

Click here for more information on how to make a claim.

3. Insurance Company Assesses Your Vehicle

Often this assessment is carried out by the images that we take when you are in for the quote, however occasionally an assessor is appointed to view your vehicle in person.

4. Col Wilkie Receives an Authority to Repair

This is the start of our involvement in repairing your vehicle.

5. Your Vehicle is Booked in for Repairs

If you have not already booked your car in for repairs, Col Wilkie will telephone you to make arrangements once we have received the authority to repair from your insurer.

We will then advise you of how long it will take to complete the repairs. Col Wilkie has a minimum book in time frame of 3 working days, however every job is assessed individually. All efforts are made to return the vehicle to you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that if items are placed on report, the initial visual inspection could not detect the extent of the damage and further investigation is required. Once the vehicle is dismantled Col Wilkie is able to ascertain if further repairs or parts are needed. If this is the case, Col Wilkie may require your vehicle for longer than originally stated and the costs associated with repairing your vehicle will also increase.

6. Col Wilkie Order Parts

This should not take long, however the extent of the damage to your vehicle will determine how long it takes before the repair process can be finalised.

7. Repairs Carried Out

You will need to drop your vehicle off at Col Wilkie, and we will let you know how long repairs are estimated to take.

Once your vehicle has been fully restored we will contact you to arrange pick up or delivery, and you can once again enjoy driving a safe, undamaged vehicle.